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Katie Harris and Pamela Radcliff | Historias for BSPHS


Feb. 2023
New Directions in Iberian History
Eva Moreda Rodríguez


Jan. 2023
The Birth of the Recording in Spain
Francisco Peña Fernández


Dec. 2022
Medieval Historiography in the Digital Age
Alejandro Gómez del Moral


Nov. 2022
The Rise of the Department Store and the Fall of Francoism
Sebastiaan Faber


Oct. 2022
The Legacies of Francoism
Sam Claussen


Sept. 2022
Chivalry, Violence and Empire in Medieval Spain
Nicolás Buckley


Aug. 2022
ETA Life Stories
Belen Vicens


July 2022
Law and Land in the Medieval Crown of Aragon
Leonardo Francalanci


June 2022
Petrarch and the Idea of the Renaissance
Sasha D. Pack | Historias at BSPHS


Apr. 2022
Gibraltar: A Modern Borderland
Mariana-Cecilia Velázquez


Mar. 2022
Pirates and Piracy in the Caribbean
Jesús Sanjurjo


Feb. 2022
Ending the Spanish Slave Trade
Stanley Payne


Dec. 2021
New Perspectives on Franco
Joyce Tolliver and Sean McDaniel | Historias for BSPHS


Oct. 2021
Passing in Early Twentieth-Century Spain: The Case of Mario/Elisa and Marcela
James Stout


Aug. 2021
The Barcelona 1936 Popular Olympics
Carla Rahn Phillips


July 2021
Reconstructing the San Salvador
Sandie Holguín | Historias for BSPHS


June 2021
Flamenco and Spanish National Identity
Roundtable | Historias for BSPHS


Mar. 2021
Doing Iberian Studies in Times of COVID
Matthew Kerry | Historias for BSPHS


Feb. 2021
The Asturias Rebellion of 1934: A Community Revolution
Max Deardorff


Jan. 2021
Christian Citizenship in the Empire of the Spanish Habsburgs
Ali Al Tuma


Dec. 2020
Moroccans in the Spanish Civil War
Aaron Shulman


Nov. 2020
The Paneros: Poetry and Disfunction in a Twentieth-Century Spanish Family
Eric Calderwood


Oct. 2020
Al-Andalus in Spanish and Moroccan Identity
Mario Cossío Olavide


Sept. 2020
A Medieval Spanish Prometheus: Don Juan Manuel
Anna Kathryn Kendrick


Aug. 2020
The Idea of the Child and the Spanish Avant Garde
David Reher


July 2020
Looking East: Constantinople and Troy in the Medieval and Early Modern Spanish Imagination
Wendy Perla Kurtz


Apr. 2020
Digitally Mapping the Mass Graves of the Spanish Civil War
Miriam Shadis


Mar. 2020
Queenship in Medieval Portugal
Clinton Young


Dec. 2019
Zarzuela: Music Theater and Nationalism in Spain
Florencia Peyrou


Nov. 2019
Democratic Culture in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Spain
Louie Dean Valencia-García


Aug. 2019
The Return of the Radical Right to Spain
Dave Henderson


July 2019
The Transformation of Rural Spain under Francoism
Bob Long


Apr. 2019
Antonio José: Silencing and Remembering a Spanish Composer
Joshua Goode


Mar. 2019
Otto Skorzeny in Spain: Historical Memory and an SS Commando
Daniel Hershenzon


Feb. 2019
Captivity, Slavery and Ransom in the Early Modern Mediterranean
Sara J. Brenneis


Jan. 2019
The Historical Memory of the Spanish in Mauthausen
Suzanne Dunai


Oct. 2018
Food Scarcity and Women’s Daily Lives in the Early Franco Years
Sandra Ott


Sept. 2018
Resistance and Collaboration in the French Basque Country
Erin Rowe


Aug. 2018
Black Saints in the Early Modern Hispanic World
Xabier Irujo


July 2018
Gernika: The Massacre in Context
A. Katie Harris


June 2019
Stealing Relics in the Early Modern Mediterranean
Jessica Davidson


May 2018
Children, Gender and Memory in Two Recent Spanish-Language Films
Antonio Zaldívar


Apr. 2018
The Codeswitching Kings of Medieval Aragon
Pamela Radcliff


Mar. 2018
Writing the History of Modern Spain
Nicholas Saenz


Feb. 2018
The Junta, the Cortes and the Local
David Messenger


Jan. 2018
Getting Nazi Spies Out of Spain
Kathryn Renton


Dec. 2017
The Horse in Spanish Society and Conquest
Iñaki Etxaniz Tesouro


Nov. 2017
La industria vasca y la crisis económica en la Segunda República: un “New Deal” español
James Stout and Maria Carreras

SE #1

Historicizing the Catalan Independence Movement
Rodrigo Escribano Roca


Oct. 2017
The Idea of Hispanoamérica in Modern Spain
Eduardo González Calleja


Sept. 2017
Niveles de violencia política en la Segunda República: La importancia de las cifras
Bretton Rodriguez


Aug. 2017
The Castilian Civil War of 1366-69
Jesús de Felipe


July 2017
The Emergence of Anarchist Hegemony in Spain’s Labor Movement

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