Episode 19- Otto Skorzeny in Spain: Historical Memory and an SS Commando

Episode 19 with Joshua Goode

The SS commando Otto Skorzeny was the most notorious Nazi to hid out in Spain after the Second World War.  Yet, far from staying hidden, Skorzeny made frequent appearances in the Spanish media through the Franco period.  In this episode, part of our series on Nazis in Spain, Prof. Joshua Goode of Claremont Graduate University explores how Skorzeny was able to reinvent himself to stay in the public eye as the Franco regime evolved.  In so doing, Goode challenges the view that after the World War II the Franco regime always hid its previous connections to the Nazis.  He also considers how the Francoist portrayal of Nazism shaped Spain’s incomplete confrontation with the Holocaust in recent decades.

The Episode

The Guest

Joshua Goode is associate professor of cultural studies and history at Claremont Graduate University. His research specializations are in Modern Spain; 19th- and 20th-century Europe; genocide and racial thought; museums and commemoration; and memory. Goode received his MA and PhD in History from UCLA. He has received awards and grants from UCLA, a Fulbright Fellowship (1995–1996) and the Fletcher Jones Faculty Research Award. He has a forthcoming article, “Does Past Convivencia Promise Future Tolerance? Contemporary Spanish Attitudes Toward Immigration,” which will appear in the academic journal Social History.

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