Episode 2- The Castilian Civil War of 1366-69

Episode 2 with Bretton Rodriguez

The Castilian Civil War is a classic medieval tale of shifting alliances, family intrigue and murder.  But what was the international context and significance of this conflict?  How did contemporary chroniclers tell its story?  In this episode of the Historias podcast, Bretton Rodriguez discusses how this literally fratricidal conflict changed the course of not only the Castilian monarchy but also of literature and historiography on the Iberian Peninsula and beyond.

The Episode

The Guest

Bretton Rodriguez is a Continuing Lecturer of Core Humanities at the University of Nevada, Reno.  He holds a Ph.D. in Literature for the University of Notre Dame. He is a specialist in the literature, history, and culture of medieval and early modern Iberia. His research focuses on the composition, use, and dissemination of historical narratives in medieval Europe. These narratives are taken from traditional histories as well as epics, romances, and history plays. He has published in the Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies, and he is currently working on developing his dissertation into a monograph.

Suggested Reading

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